PHP Micro frameworks

just the basics

Created by Jonathan Sundquist / @jsundquist

Who am I?

  • Minnesota PHP User Group Organizers
  • Senior Developer at Life Time Fitness
  • Father of one
  • MidwestPHP Organizer

What is a micro framework?

A micro framework is a very slimed down version of a framework such as Symfony, Zend Framework, or Code Igniter. It provides you the very basics you need in order to create a multi-page application.

Why would you want to use a micro framework?

As Ed Finkler stated on his site

• I want to write less code not more
• I want to manage less not more
• I want to write code that is easy to understand

What are some micro frameworks?

  • Slim
  • Silex - based off of Symfony 2
  • PhlyTy - based off of Zend Framework 2

So how hard is it to get started using a micro framework?

Demo Time


Its easy to set up a micro framework

They are small and quite flexiable

Could easily be used to create a small api or multi-page web site

Thank you

Demo code -
Presentation -